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Malaysia Taobao Agent that Includes Tax Gross-up Service  

DYL-E focuses on providing the safest, fastest and most affordable direct shipping service from China to Malaysia. DYL-E has registered offices and warehouses in both China and Malaysia, and our sea freight services are proven to be top-notch. We also provide the most competitive shipping fee to our clients. Some of the products that we ship come in fixed prices, therefore we will perform a tax gross-up for these items so that the buyer only has to pay a small amount for taxes that are already included in the shipping fee.

The Taobao sea freight service is divided into 2 categories: bulk shipping and personal shipping. Air freight is also an option for buyers, but it is more expensive, hence more people prefer to use our sea freight service.

DYL-E is an expert in the logistics industry in Malaysia, therefore we are able to provide the best offer to every client. Opting for our sea freight service can be very affordable, even more so when buyers buy them in bulk. Bulk shipping means that a group of different buyers purchase the same items, and they will be offered a lower price as the items are shipped altogether to the same destination. China encourages exports of local products, thus a larger amount means you get to save more. Additionally, Alibaba and Malaysia have recently agreed upon the e-WTP (Electronic World Trade Platform) assent, thus a number of products will include grossed-up taxes in the fee. This eliminates additional tax, therefore buyers are getting their products shipped at a very inexpensive price.

If you purchase in bulk, DYL-E does not separate fragile items and normal items. Both types are shipped with the same method and are charged accordingly. As long as they are not prohibited items such as alcohol, firecrackers and the like, tax gross-up is possible.

The whole process of bulk shipping takes around 2 weeks from Guangzhou, China to Malaysia. Hence, sea freight is suitable only if you do not urgently need the items. However, choosing Taobao sea freight delivery services from China to Malaysia is a smart option because it is convenient and it saves cost. This is one of the reasons why DYL-E, as an international parcel forwarder for Taobao, is so popular among Malaysian buyers.