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What is Taobao Purchasing and Forwarding Agent?

DYL-E provides purchasing services for Malaysians who would like to buy Chinese products that are not available in Malaysia. Daigou, a famous term in China, is used to describe the purchasing service that the Chinese provide to foreigners who are interested in buying China-made products.

DYL-E owns warehouses in China and Malaysia for the temporary storage of goods before they are shipped out of the country. We’ll ensure that the parcel arrives at your doorstep as we provide door-to-door services, and we want to ensure that our delivery services meet our clients’ standards. The purchasing service that we provide is two-way: from China to Malaysia and from Malaysia to China. If you happen to buy various items from different sellers, DYL-E shall consolidate the items for you, and with our express service, the items will be delivered to your home in a short period of time. To know the whereabouts of your items, you can track them online 24/7 by entering the tracking code on the website.

DYL-E is one of the fastest forwarding agents that ships to Malaysia. Our professionalism and direct shipping service ensures that your items will arrive on time. Besides, because we have been in this industry for some time, and the traffic flow is high, therefore we are able to control our costs, meanwhile offering our clients the best rates.

If you choose DYL-E, purchasing from Taobao and forwarding the products to Malaysia is no longer difficult. DYL-E offers all kinds of purchasing and forwarding services, making shopping more convenient for the Malaysian buyers.

Note: DYL-E will not ship prohibited, flammable and explosive items.