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Taobao China Forwarding Agent  

Taobao purchasing service, Taobao international bulk shipping, Taobao international transhipment and Taobao forwarding service are among the list of services that many Malaysian buyers are using in the current market. Furthermore, the Taobao purchasing service is gradually gaining popularity in Malaysia because it is affordable and convenient at the same time.

DYL-E is a comprehensive company that specialises in forwarding services from China to Malaysia. We are a team of professionals that have experience in purchasing and forwarding services, hence we make transactions between both parties easier by using the Renminbi. Purchasing service reduces money-related issues regarding the Renminbi, which occur sometimes when buyers purchase items through home shopping or online shopping. As a third party, DYL-E is able to solve billing matters and handle gifts that come with certain purchases. The role of a purchasing agent also reduces the risk of being conned in the absence of a face-to-face transaction and interaction between the buyer and the seller. However, we only deal with trusted sellers so our clients do not have to worry about this problem.

Since we began our operations, DYL-E has already helped numerous companies to forward and pay for their products beforehand while providing domestic delivery services for them. We have gained the trust of many companies because of our fast and reliable service.