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Taobao Transshipment Service

DYL-E Logistics provides international transhipment from China to Malaysia, especially for Malaysian buyers who are interested in purchasing China-made products that are not available in the Malaysian market.

What exactly is transhipment? In this case, transhipment means that the seller ships the purchased item to the international warehouse in China, and the forwarding agent (DYL-E) will then deliver the product to the Malaysian buyer, right at their doorstep.

The whole process can be explained in two simple steps:

1)    Once the buyer makes a purchase, they would have to provide DYL-E’s warehouse address in China and your DYL order ID so that the items would be mailed to the warehouse.

2)    Once the buyer has made a payment for the transhipment, DYL-E would be able to consolidate all the items you have purchased from different sellers and deliver them to your home.

This Taobao transhipment service is very popular among foreign buyers as it is simple and affordable. The buyer is not charged a fee when the seller delivers the product domestically to DYL-E’s warehouse in China. Furthermore, for the international shipping charges, DYL-E makes sure that their prices are competitive so that everyone is able to use our service. We will ensure that our clients get the best price from us. If you opt for our air freight service, it will be calculated according to the weight; but if you choose the sea freight service, we will be charging you according to the volume of your item.

The Taobao transhipment to Malaysia does not require much time. The air freight only requires a short 3-5 working days, whereas the sea freight takes 10-15 working days. For your convenience, you can also request for the item to be delivered to the nearest supermarket or any location that allows you to pick up the item on your own.

Our direct shipping service from China to Malaysia is guaranteed to be one of the fastest delivery services in China and Malaysia.