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About DYL

DYL is the professional logistic brand under DYL E Logistics, which is specialized in Multi-national ocean shipping service. The company was established in year 2010, registered in both Klang, the most famous and largest port in Malaysia and Guangzhou, China. It is pursuing to be a Multi-national logistic company alike the services of Airasia. DYL aspire to build a legend of reducing international shipping cost while improving the effectiveness. Since 2012, DYL has turned this aim become true with its steadily innovated solutions, high-effective operational procedures and enthusiastic career ambitions. In the future, DYL will keep developing a LOW COSTING AND HIGH EFFECTIVENESS international logistic career.

Our Principles:
D, represent for DREAM. A brand that is full of dream and seeking for innovated service.
Y, represent for YOUNG. A brand that with energy and emphasizes effective service.
L, represent for LINK. A brand that with team-work spirit and attend to detailed service.

Our Vision:
To be a most reliable and respected Multi-Logistic company
To provide a career for our staffs with satisfaction and proud
To build a trustworthy service between our customers speedily, safely and accurately
To develop to be a leading shipping company in the line
Also to bear more society responsibilities in the progress of our improvement. 

Our Mission:
Overturn the traditional international logistic operating pattern through an all-rounded innovated E-logistics mode. We will bring it into a mass data era to make our dream of reducing international shipping cost while improving its effectiveness become true! 

Our Value:

The core value of DYL is just its principles, which is Dream, Young and Link!